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Discount Muffler in Tucson, AZ is the area’s preferred automotive exhaust repair facility. Our certified mechanics are trained professionals with the experience to service a range of vehicles. We are dedicated to providing high quality services at fair rates, and we encourage you to schedule an appointment for service today.

Call us today to schedule an appointment or for a free estimate Services:

Air Conditioning
Catalytic Converter Replacement
Complete Auto Repairs
Custom Exhaust
Emission Repairs
Muffler Replacement
Performance Upgrades
Under Vehicle Inspection

Don’t Just Replace It… Find Out What Destroyed It.

Major Causes for Catalytic Converter Destruction.
Malfunctioning Emission Control Equipment – Check the Oxygen Sensor, Engine Coolant
Temperature Sensor.
Carburetor, Throttle Body Injector, Ported Fuel Injector Problems
Vehicle Needs Tune-Up – Check the Plugs, Ignition Wires, Rotor Cap and Engine Specs
Improper Fuel – Check Fuel for Lead, Silicone, Phosphorus or other Contaminates
Worn Piston Rings or Valve Seals – Check for Burning Oil
An improperly tuned engine, or engine with a mechanical problem, will cause premature converter failure. Manufacturer warranty will not apply to converter failures caused by engine malfunction or contaminated by fuel.

We offer free estimates and inspections

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